​​​​The world of energy is changing at a dizzying pace. Just a few years ago, the average distance between the electricity generation point and the point of consumption was several kilometers. Nowadays it is extremely short, for example as little as almost nothing at all. Our aim therefore is to provide a transmission grid that is fast, reliable and versatile. And able to cope with all the challenges.​​​


Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) is committed to develop, operate, and maintain safe, stable, and secure transmission network and to ensure a high degree of quality, reliability, and availability of supply of electricity in line with the requirements of comprehensive economic and industrial development of the country.

​​Power reliability is the degree to which the performance of the elements in a system results in electricity being delivered to customers within accepted standards and in the amount desired. This is calculated by the energy not delivered as a percentage of total energy delivered in the year.​​​​

OETC puts a great emphasis to have a system to collect and evaluate the available opportunities to the Company. Its system ensures effective management of opportunities across the whole organization and major opportunities are recorded, highlighted, studied, and presented to senior management so that all major opportunities are being managed. Opportunities management goes in line with the risk management where each function within OETC is required to register any opportunity noticed by the function and the necessary steps to accomplished will be taken. These opportunities are reviewed and presented to the senior management in quarterly basis.