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Developing Our People

At OETC we attract and retain the most talented people by investing in training and development tailored to their needs and building on their strengths. And, through our approach to leadership development, our managers learn how to motivate team members to perform at their best.

At OETC we value both deep expertise and broad knowledge and experience. We believe career paths should be flexible and adaptable to meet the future needs of our business and the strengths and aspirations of our employees. To us, career development is about building experience and capability and is not defined solely by promotion and advancement.

Learning opportunities

OETC believe some experiences contribute more to learning and growth than others. By focusing on these opportunities in a planned way, we can help your professional development. We view learning in the following way:

  • On-the-job experiences – Around 70% of our learning and development is gained through on-the-job experiences. Regular reviews with your manager will help identify where you can develop by increasing the scope of your role or by taking on new projects. As part of your ongoing development process, you will agree development objectives with your manager, which will help you achieve your full potential.

  • Developmental relationships – Developmental relationships form around 20% of our learning and development. In OETC we encourage opportunities for you to get support and feedback through Coaching, Mentoring and Feedback from your manager and peers.

  • Formal Trainings – Approximately 10% of our learning and development is gained through formal development – for example, e-learning, coursework, classroom-style training and articles or books.

To help you get the most from your development in OETC, we expect your manager to work with you to identify areas of focus for your development - and support you in achieving your performance and development objectives.

Individual Support

As a fundamental part of your career development in OETC, you’ll have regular, open and honest performance and development planning discussions with your manager. These conversations will focus on your aspirations, skills, experience and development needs. We are committed to giving you the support you need to help you to deliver your best performance and benefit from personal growth within our business.


Continue the efforts of training and development of our human capital resulted in significant growth in the field of Omanization of jobs where the percentage of Omanization is high.