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Load Dispatch Center


Load Dispatch Center (LDC) is the centralized facility for operational coordination and dispatch activities of OETC. The facility consists of main control center at Mawalleh. regional control center at Salalah handles the activities related to Dhofar area. Together, these control centers form vital infrastructure to realize OETC’s objective of ensuring safe, secure, reliable and economic Transmission and Dispatch. LDC is committed to contribute in realizing the vision and mission of OETC.

There are Targets and objectives of Load Dispatch Center to maintain security and quality of electrical supply, including frequency, voltage, supply reliability.

  • Matching the power demand with generation and maintain.
  • Maintain the integrity and stability of the system
  • Scheduling for Merit Order Dispatch
  • Submit daily data to Market Operation before gate closure time
  • Restore the system to normal state as soon as possible after a disturbance

1-LDC Department responsibilities:

A - Operational Planning
  • Responsible for short and medium term Planning – Load-Generation balance and Transmission system status.
  • Analysis of Economics of System Operations & Dispatch – develop rules of dispatch
  • Study system behavior, analyze contingencies and prepare appropriate plans
  • Prepare reports like monthly KPI & Dispatch reports, Daily network summary reports and annual performance reports and annual maintenance programs (Power + Water) and settlement reports etc.
  • Sharing skills and experience with colleagues and supporting the development of others through coaching where possible
  • Sending daily data to Market Operation as per market rules
B - Control Department
  • -Real-time monitoring and control
  • Dispatch of generation from all power stations
  • Operations of 400 kV,220 kV, 132 kV and 33 kV incomer CBs
  • Coordinate commissioning, testing and maintenance programs
  • Use the application to support the real time activities.
  • React for any incidents and restore the system


MIA: OETC is sending daily required files via new IT system Market Interface Application “MIA” which used to generate the required data from SCADA system and other sources ,then sending it to MMS at Market Operator side. There are Eleven items need to be sent daily to Market Operators through via this interface software.

UC: Unit Commitment is a dispatch optimization software, considering main technical constrains in the network and generation units into consideration. Due to Oman Spot Market in MIS introduces the certain challenges and obligations to OETC as a system operator those are practically focused on scheduling dispatch and dispatch process. OETC decided to acquire a state of security scheduling of unit commitment suite to supplement the existing facility , improve economy on dispatch and meet spot market obligations.

ERDS: A customized Energy reporting and data sharing software system for the data which is collecting from the AMR system through various communication and various type of meters, so acquired, on a continuous basis, with the Distribution Companies MEDC, MJEC, MZEC, DISC, PDO and GCCIA.

Type of Report:

  • Energy Transaction Report daily, monthly & yearly
  • Validation of energy transmitted.
  • Validate Calibration certificate of Energy Meters.

EMS: Energy Management system EMS used to reduce energy consumption, improve the utilization of the system, increase reliability, predict electrical system performance, and optimize energy usage to reduce cost.

List of the applications:

  • State-estimator-SE
  • Short-circuit Analysis
  • Contingency Analysis
  • Power flow
  • Optimal Power flow