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Load Dispatch Center


Load Dispatch Center (LDC) is the centralized facility for operational coordination and dispatch activities of OETC. The facility consists of main control center at Mawalleh. A back up control center is under construction at a different location. A regional control center at Salalah handles the activities related to Dhofar area. Together, these control centers form vital infrastructure to realize OETC’s objective of ensuring safe, secure, reliable and economic Transmission and Dispatch. LDC is committed to contribute in realizing the vision and mission of OETC.

The activities of LDC consist mainly of the following.

  • Operational Coordination – Coordinating various operations in the transmission system from planning stage to actual operations including maintenance, and handling any related contingencies.

  • Dispatch – is the main function which balances system load with generation on a continuous basis in real time. This activity starts with load forecast, generation maintenance planning, scheduling of power and water dispatch and proceeds up to issuing dispatch instructions in real time.

  • Communication and SCADA – planning, implementation and maintenance of the communication and computer infrastructure which facilitates the above functions of Operational coordination and Dispatch.

  • Issuing operational reports related to system performance.

  • Collection and issue of energy settlement reports which are used for inter-company billing in the sector.

In order to achieve these objectives the LDC is organized as three functional sections with their own managers. All managers report of Senior Manager, LDC who in turn reports to Chief Operating Officer. LDC is staffed by about 50 persons, working at Mawalleh and Salalah control centers.


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