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Our Vision, Mission and Values

About us

Oman Electricity Transmission Company, was formed in May 2005 vide a license, given by the Authority for Public Services Regulation- Oman whereby, the company is authorized to carry out the following activities:

  • To transmit electricity and to finance, develop, Own and/or operate and maintain its Transmission System;
  • To develop and operate a system of central Dispatch of relevant Production facilities which are connected to its Transmission System or to a System which is connected to its transmission System
  • To the extent permitted by the Sector Law and this License, to design, own, operate and maintain International Interconnections;
  • To acquire certain asset of the Rural Areas Electricity Company SAOC in accordance with Article (88) of the Sector Law and this License;
  • To carry out any other function assigned to it by the Sector Law

Oman Electricity Transmission Company SAOG (OETC) has a vital role in the Oman Electricity Sector, as it owns and operates the main transmission network as well as transmission network in Dhofar through which electricity is transmitted from the generating stations to the distribution load centers in all governorates of the Sultanate. The main electricity transmission network operates at high voltage of 132kV and above. OETC also has the responsibility of balancing generation and demand at all times of the day as part of its responsibilities for the economic dispatch of power in the Sultanate.

About Us

Our Mission & Vision