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Rewards and Benefits

We’re looking for people with a real hunger for learning who can bring us plenty of enthusiasm, new ideas and challenging questions as well as a genuine commitment to safety and doing the right thing. In return, we’ll offer you a generous salary and benefits package.

Wherever you work at OETC, you will have the opportunity to learn alongside brilliant people in an environment that respects individuals, values diversity and encourages innovation.

Medical Coverage

  • All the company Employees, their spouse and children up to the age of 19 years are entitled to receive medical coverage in accordance with the Medical Policy.

  • For non – Omani Employees, the Medical Coverage is applicable to spouse and/ or children if they are sponsored by the Company in Oman.

  • Employees, their spouse and children who are covered under any subsidiary of Nama Group or outside are not entitled to the Medical Coverage provided by the Company. .

  • Omani employees who have permanent special needs children are entitled for medical coverage during the period of his/her services in Nama Group. .

Wellness Membership

  • Omani Employees shall be reimbursed for annual Sport Membership fee to any employee who subscribes in fitness-related memberships.

  • Sport Membership benefit is exclusively for the company employees only, family members are not included.

  • Sport Membership shall be reimbursement based on valid receipts /invoices.